4.57ct green red teal mystique schiller oregon sunstone 01

 PRICE PER CARAT:  $121.66     ●   Seller: RAVENSTEIN GEM CO.

8.28ct grass green schiller oregon sunstone 01

 PRICE PER CARAT:  $117.52     ●   Seller: RAVENSTEIN GEM CO.

3.24ct green pink dichroic schiller oregon sunstone 01

 PRICE PER CARAT:  $31.50     ●   Seller: RAVENSTEIN GEM CO.


Oregon Sunstone Marketplace

Welcome to Oregon Sunstone Marketplace, home of the most beautiful and rare american gemstone.


Now, with the important Marketplace addition, Oregon Sunstone Guide has become the ultimate platform for all of your Oregon Sunstone needs. From researching the chemical composition, to reading about all major types, colors and their value, to finding the the right cutter for your next project, buying faceting rough in all grades and qualities, researching the correct faceting diagram, to having your gem properly graded and certified. Our new Marketplace is now allowing buyers to purchase faceting rough, finished gems and jewelry directly from the source in best quality obtainable.

If you want to become part of the OSG and offer your Oregon Sunstone products in the new Marketplace section, please contact us.

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